// not a participant, just an observer.

Just another 22 year old "art kid" from Baltimore. I don't specifically identify with anything or anyone but I guess I'm interested in bits and pieces of punk/goth/hippie culture. Aside from going to shows, my hobbies are mostly pretty grandmotherly like embroidering, drinking tea, and petting cats. I think a lot and I like being alone. This is mostly where I post arbitrary images as a way to constantly be thinking about art - like a running mood board, if you will. Occasionally I write about an observation I've made relating to art or life.

Disclaimer: My online "persona" is the result of a direct, unfiltered purge of thoughts from my brain. In person, all that is contained within, and I am actually rather friendly and able to "be nice" - often to the point of seeming boring.

Artwork: susanren.com
Instagram: @ren.jpeg

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“Ennui”, photos by David Brandon Geeting

“Ennui”, photos by David Brandon Geeting

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